Asian Memory Grazing Plate

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Catch your memory with your family and friends or try something different from traditional grazing plate.

Perfect choice for picnic during long weekend!

2, 4, 6 people platter includes

Honey Pork Jerky (蜜汁豬肉干)
Pork Floss (豬肉鬆)
Maltose cracker (蜜牙糖咸餅乾)
Green tea marshmallow biscuits(雪花酥)
Satay Fish sticks(魚片乾)
Dry and fresh fruit (新鮮生果,乾果)
Mochi with mixed nuts(糖不甩) OR Mochi (cashew, almond, sesame)(糯米糍) OR Red Bean Rice cake(砵仔糕) OR Red Bean Tapioca cake(西米水晶糕)

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