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About Me

Iris Wong, a Home Self Learning Cake Designer, Mum of 1 lovely son


Share LOVE. Be UNIQUE. Be the STAR you are!

These are my vision of being a cake designer.

Being a pharmacist for a decade, I decided to put down my professional after my son born. After a year of being a full time mum, with a sleepless baby who had all sort of allergies, I fell into post natal depression and it was the darkest time in my life. I knew that I  have to find something to regain my resilience and that is Baking. 


Half a year later, I decided to transform my interest to a business and this is how CAKEPOP4PARTY born! Few years later, with the help of my husband, with the love from God and passion of baking, I was out from depression.

God healed my heart and I want to share this LOVE through cake. He told me everyone is UNIQUE and there is always a moment you deserve focus and attention - be the STAR you are!

By creating a cake for you, I wish you will be the STAR of the day! 

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